Current configuration

If you like to get configuration for any other IP then enter it here:

You are normal IPv4 user - you haven't installed IPv6 or your browser doesn't support IPv6 protocol
  • Your IPv4 address is
  • Can't identify your computer operating system

NB! If it's not your computer address then your are probably behind firewall/NAT or use cache/proxy server. In that case you can't use example configuration from here to configure IPv6 tunnel.

IPv6 configuration

Unfortunately we don't have a configuration example for your operating system :-(
You can look what Google knows about that

Here are data that you need to configure your IPv6 tunnel

  • Your IPv4 address is
  • Your 6to4 address is 2002:36a6:68e2::0541:6610:4226
  • 6to4 gateway address is


You can test your IPv6 configuration this way:

ping6 2001:ad0::1

After sucessful IPv6 installation you can see here your IPv6 address already

Currently we have 6to4 configuration instructions for following operating systems:

Instructions given by Cougar


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